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Name:Poly - for Polyamourous people in open, honest rel
Location:(states/regions/territories), United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Poly - short for polyamory or polyamoury - is the concept that you can be romantically interested in and involved with more than one person at the same time.

Poly is not cheating. Poly involves being honest with everyone you are involved with and sticking to the guidelines you define for your relationships.

Poly can be heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, asexual, hard, easy, everything.

If you think that having sex with someone else and just not telling your current lover and without having permission to do so, you're just another cheater and should just go elsewhere.

This is a multi-national community; if mentioning events only do so *once* and always include the country/state/town details. Multiple postings about the same thing are likely to be deleted

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agape, alternate lifestyles, alternative lovestyles, alternative marriage, alternative sexuality, alternatives to marriage, bi, bigamy, bisexual, bisexual men, bisexual women, bisexuality, bisexuals, blended families, chivalry, cohabitation, coming out, commitment, communication, companions, compassion, compersion, complicated date scheduling, complicated schedules, consent, consenting adults, courtly love, dyads, empathy, ethical slut, ethical sluts, expanded family, families, family, family of choice, fantasies, fantasy, fidelity, foursomes, frubble, gay marriage, gays, gentlemen, group marriage, group relationship, group sex, handfasting, heterosexuality, heterosexuals, homosexuality, homosexuals, honesty, inclusive relationships, infinite love, integrity, ladies, lesbianism, lesbians, life, line marriage, living, living in sin, love, love without boundaries, love without limits, lovers, lovestyles, loving more, marriage, men, menage a trois, moresomes, multipartner relationships, multiple partners, nesting, nests, non-monogamy, open relationships, openness, organization, parenting, parrots, partners, platonic friendship, platonic relationships, plurality, poly, poly affection, poly family, poly folk, poly love, poly parenting, poly singles, poly-fi, polyamorous, polyamory, polyamour, polyamoury, polyandry, polyboyz, polyfi, polyfidelity, polygamy, polygrrls, polygyny, primaries, primary partners, quads, relationship styles, relationships, remembering too many anniversaries, respect, responsibility, responsible non-monogamy, romance, s-marriage, sacred sex, sacred sexuality, safe sex, sapiosexual, secondaries, secondary partners, sex, sexual ethics, sexuality, sharing, significant others, spice, threesomes, tocotox, triad, triads, trust, truthfulness, vees, women
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